We Work Within Webs


We Work Within Webs

The group analytic practice in Tel-Aviv

The W.W.W.W Motto

  • Do not run on personal "autopilot"

  • "Humble Leadership" at eye level" through mutual recognition, learning, unlearning and development

  • Get to know the "operating system" that runs your entire network

  • "Take the wheel into your own hands" in full awareness and communicability with your entire network

About us

Our Credo

  1. Human beings are born into human networks, within which their personal identity is shaped.

  2. At the same time, they and their contemporaries develop these networks, and some even lead and steer them.

  3. A group is a network in which its members are intertwined: "We are all together and each one of us is an individual (unique and special)."

  4. The human mind is inherently a collective, it is the product of innumerable links in contact with the environment.

  5. Managers, employees and customers are links, nodes, and centers – on the corporate network.

  6. Each group does not stand alone on its own but is connected, grows, operates, functions, influences and is influenced by a whole network of groups that are built and build the organization as a whole.

  7. The development of the individual and the development of the groups are intertwined to achieve the goals of the organization.


Suzi Shoshani

Clinical Psychologist and Group Analyst, Supervisor.

Individual, Group and Couple Psychotherapist. Supervises clinical and educational psychologists in clinical and organizational work. A founder member of the "Israeli Institute of Group Analysis" - Teaches and Supervise in the Institute. She co-chaired the institute in the years 2005-2010, and coordinated it's training program.

She presents articles in international conferences and leads small and median groups in Israel and abroad. This year she published a chapter in the book 'Group Analytic Therapy in the land of milk and honey'.

Joshua Lavie

Clinical Psychologist and Group Analyst, Supervisor.

A founder member of the "Israeli Institute of Group Analysis" – Teaches and Supervise in the Institute. He established the Israeli Journal of Psychotherapy, and publishes in Hebrew, English and Italian.

He is also the Head of Stress Management Program in the "Eco-Fusion-New – Personalized Digital Medicine"

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Telephone 1: 0544247064

Telephone 2: 0522504329


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