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Developing Network-Managerial-Skills is an essential need for contemporary organizations, especially high-tech companies, under conditions of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA).

The Essence of the Training Program

This training program is designed to develop management skills, within webs and network configurations and focuses on two main areas:

  1. Studying and practicing reflective / reflexive practices at times of interaction intensive work and necessary synergy with the members of the organization.

  2. Learning group dynamics and processes in the various teams and units of the organization, while improving the flexibility to understand, experience, and simultaneously steer these processes to the benefit of the organization and achieving its goals.

Team managers in high-tech companies (usually experts in their field) must develop the ability to introspect, while at the same time understand organizational group dynamics in order to succeed in managing human resource intensive projects under conditions of uncertainty and through accelerating business and technological complexity.

The Toolbox at the W.W.W.W Training Program

  1. Developing reflective/reflexive practices and understanding the mutual influences between the individual and the other, between managers and employees at all levels in order to improve mutual fertilization between them.

  2. Developing personalization skills in professional contexts - according to Edgar H. Schein's model: "Level Two Personal Relationships".

  3. Enriching the communication skills of company managers, organization and teams as leverage for change among its members.

  4. Developing capabilities to form a creative, productive and purposeful communication flow in the networks organization, company and teams.

  5. Developing the ability to pull the organizational networks, the company and the teams out of communicational stagnation.

  6. Developing the understanding of unconscious group processes as a vaccine against destructive processes in the company, the organization and the team's networks.

  7. Studying and analyzing the various types of communication in the group network: reflections, resonances, projections, cross-identifications, and more.

  8. Improving management capabilities in group networks, in order to achieve the goals of the company and the organization.

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